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This extraordinary set of Qing Dynasty vases once formed part of the porcelain collection of Elizabeth Montagu, 3rd Duchess of Buccleuch, one of the foremost art collectors of the early nineteenth century. The only similar quartet of vases in the world is at Buckingham Palace, London and belongs to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Notable for their impressive form, scale and style, the Buccleuch Vases are masterpieces of the art of mounted porcelain. They unite exquisitely cast and chased ormolu mounts with extremely rare baluster shaped Chinese porcelain vases, decorated with Buddhist and Daoist symbols referencing themes of prosperity and longevity. While the artistic provenance of the ormolu mounts is uncertain, they were most likely created in London by a French artist who escaped the Reign of Terror. The porcelain on the Buccleuch Vases was not cut or pierced to accommodate the mounts, adding to their tremendous artistic and historic value.