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Whenever you’re craving a steaming bowl of noodles or other casual-Asian fare, a tempting assortment awaits at 99 Noodles. This restaurant’s name is derived from the varieties available: You’ll select from 9 types of noodles and 9 impeccable broth choices from ultra-light to luscious and rich. Each is accompanied by unlimited condiments to create a soup that suits your individual taste and appetite.

You’ll also enjoy a bit of showmanship at 99 Noodles. In our Show Kitchen, noodles are hand-pulled using time-honored techniques honed by chefs recruited from Shaanxi, the northwest China province known as the birthplace of noodles. Fresh, savory and succulent, you’ll discover more than 99 ways to enjoy these and other delicious dishes.  

Northern Chinese

10:00 am to 2:00 am
Adults aged 21 and older are welcome to dine here

(853) 8889 3663